Study after Michelangelo

A master copy study is a way of understanding the hand of the artist who made it.  A copy is not a xerox it is a method of studying the thought and movement that went into creating the drawing.  What was the artist thinking?  How did the artist move there hands? Study of ignudo drawn…

Thinking of Spring

Natalia sat for us again over the winter semester at the ARA.  It was a long cold winter and all I could do was wait for spring to arrive.  Maybe if I drew spring then it would arrive earlier.  No such luck. I have been working in charcoal for the past few drawings.  It allows…

Charcoal Drawing of Ed

The finished drawing of Ed that I had done over the Fall semester at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston. This drawing was done in charcoal and measures 16 x 20 unframed. This drawing with frame will measure 22 x 26

Painting Workshop

I recently took a two week workshop in painting the figure with Colleen Barry.

Figure Study

Figure Studies: Natalia Pencil on Paper Drawing are 15″ x 22″

Figure Study

Figure Studies: Natalia Pencil on Paper Unframed 15″ x 22″