Cast Study of Skull

Our third assignment for Mr. Sondow’s class was to draw and reproduce a cast copy and sketch of the skull.  We were only supposed to draw the skull but to give us more of a frontal view instead of a top down view we had to raise the cast of the table.  The dodecahedron gave us…

Study after Giulio Romano

We have been given a Master Arts to study during the course of the year at the Beaux-Art Atelier.  The artist that I was given was Giulio Romano, who was a student of Raphael’s  and took over his Atelier after his death.  This is one of my first architectural studies of Romano done in Ink…

Drawings from the Frick

Sketch book study form the Frick.  Another of our Sunday afternoon walks in NYC with our Professor Djordjevitch Pencil on Paper

Tuscan Order after Vignola

Durring this past year studying at the Beaux-Art Atelier we studied the different characters of the Tuscan Order.  The orders of classical architecture as described by Vitruvius, Vignola, Palladio, Serlio, and Gibbs were studied and drawn to compare the differences and similarities of the sculptural qualities of the Tuscan order. Red Calk on Paper 18″ x 24″

Gate in Prospect Park

This study was done on one of our Sunday afternoon walk with our Professor Michael Djordjevitch.  He had taken us students every sunday to a different part of NYC to study the Beaux-Art Architecture of the City. Sketch Book Study;  Ink on Paper

Cast study in progress

We are finished with the cast of the eye.   At least the class is, we move on to a new feature of drawing and sculpting.  This was a tough first cast to start using a new technique with.  I think the second time around Im going to have a better understanding of how to…

In progress cast study; drawing and sculpting

From geometric solids to cast study of the eye.  Not a straight foward geometric shape but none the less geometric in nature. Therefore we are still approaching our subect in the same maner. By not only drawing from the cast but also sculpting a copy out of clay. We are only into our second day…

9 Hour Bargue

One of the classes I will be taking this year is a drawing class in witch I will be making a duplicate copy of an old master artist.  The purpose of this is to attempt to replicate the movement of the artist hand as if they were the artist themselves.  To understand what the artist…

Federal Hall NYC

Our class this sunday was to Federal Hall on Wall St. in lower Manhattan.  It was here in NY that George Washington took the oath of office as the nations first president.  I’m getting a history and drawing class all in one.

Still life drawing of geometric solids

A short three hour drawing done the first week of class. Our instructor is getting to know what every ones skill level is.  The shadows are not as dark as I liked them to be but working with the available time constraint, I wanted to achieve a uniform look. For my drawing instructor, I told…

Study after Michelangelo

A master copy study is a way of understanding the hand of the artist who made it.  A copy is not a xerox it is a method of studying the thought and movement that went into creating the drawing.  What was the artist thinking?  How did the artist move there hands? Study of ignudo drawn…

Beaux Arts Academy, Atelier Saint Luke

I have been accepted into the Beaux-Arts Atelier program this coming fall for the 2013-2014 academic year. ABOUT THE ATELIER The Beaux-Arts Atelier of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a one-year intensive program in the study of design, architecture, and art following the method of the École des Beaux-Arts. Students receive in-depth instruction in…

Angel in Charcoal

This is a charcoal drawing done from a cast that was done over the past year.  With the cast drawing the cast and the lighting don’t move or change as a model would if sitting for the artist. Charcoal on Paper 19 1/4″ x 17 1/2″ Framed  25 1/4″ x 23 1/2″

Thinking of Spring

Natalia sat for us again over the winter semester at the ARA.  It was a long cold winter and all I could do was wait for spring to arrive.  Maybe if I drew spring then it would arrive earlier.  No such luck. I have been working in charcoal for the past few drawings.  It allows…

Charcoal Drawing of Ed

The finished drawing of Ed that I had done over the Fall semester at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston. This drawing was done in charcoal and measures 16 x 20 unframed. This drawing with frame will measure 22 x 26

Painting Workshop

I recently took a two week workshop in painting the figure with Colleen Barry.

Figure Study

Figure Studies: Natalia Pencil on Paper Drawing are 15″ x 22″

Figure Study

Figure Studies: Natalia Pencil on Paper Unframed 15″ x 22″

Perspective Study

1-point perspective construct Study of Lord Frederick Leighton’s “nausicaa” 24″ x 18″ Pencil on Vellum Property of the Artist