Architectural CAD Drawings

Architectural drawing done when working for Dion and Sokal Architects as a CAD draftsman.  This was a manufacturing plant in witch I drafted and laid out all the architectural sheets.  Working for Bob Dion made me want to study architecture.  Architecture school made me want to leave.  The Irony!

It wasn’t until I started studying perspective (at the Academy of Realist Art; Boston) and attended the Beaux-Art Academy of the ICAA that gave me renewed interest in architecture.  What the Beaux-Art Academy taught me what how to look at architecture and the correlation that exists between art, sculpture and architecture.

My view of architecture, art and sculpture has forever been changed due to the year of study at the Beaux-Art Academy.  Thank you so much for such a fantastic program, I loved every bit of frustration that I endured in oder to read what has been right in front of my nose all of these years.

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