Study after Giulio Romano

Over the course of the school year each student was given a old master artist to study, copy, and model there work on in there own sketches, and drawings.  The artist I was given was Giulio Romano.

Who?  Apparently Giulio Romano was Raphael’s star pupal, painter, and architect.  Great Thanks.  I am way out of my comfort zone with this one.  He draws only in pen and ink wash and very, round, not linear or architectural.  And they want me to model my own sketches after his.

This is my attempt at copying the master artist.  I wanted to get a feel of drawing with ink and wash so I did a trace from the book and transferred the trace onto watercolor paper.  This was more a study in how to use the quill ink pen and brush.  I also used this time to think about the order of the drawing.  If I was to draw this what would be the first lines I would put down.  Studying an artist is not just trying to emulate the hand movement but to ask why was that line drawn in the first place.  What is he trying to do

This drawing done by Romano is a fabric study draped over a figure.  The primary focus of the drawing is that of the draped fabric,  The figure is secondary and is drawn with a much lighter line weight.  This study by Romano was latter painted in a ceiling fresco.


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