9 Hour Bargue

One of the classes I will be taking this year is a drawing class in witch I will be making a duplicate copy of an old master artist.  The purpose of this is to attempt to replicate the movement of the artist hand as if they were the artist themselves.  To understand what the artist was thinking and to think about every movement of every line that was made to create that image.

The first of these artist that we are going to be doing a copy of is the artist Charles Bargue. Mr Bargue, as every student who has studied at an Academy knows, is standard issue text book whom I’m well aquatinted with.  And yes I have spent months on more than one of his drawings.  So from me to make this image in the time I did it in, I am surprising myself.  This is the first image that have produced here buy using a different technique that I had been using before.  Im liking the results and the ease.

I do not know who my next master copy will be of, but Im sure it’s not going to be a Bargue copy, or even what medium I will be using.


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