Geometric Solids Part 2

wpid-20130919_161912.jpgwpid-20130919_161851.jpgThis is our second go around at drawing geometric solids.  Why you might ask.  As benign as a subject can get, all objects can be simplified and reduced to the cube, cylinder, and sphere, and cone.  Take the example of a tree; its a half a sphere on top of a cylinder.   The human head is a cube around the face area and a sphere comprising the back of the skull.  The arm is a cylinder while the elbow take the shape of a cube.

The other reason for doing more of these is to learn a new style, a new approach to drawing.  You may argue that I already know how to draw and that I have made some nice pictures.   That my be true, but there is always something more to learn.  And Im going to take full advantage of it.  And the best way to do that is to start form what you have done before and approach it from a different perspective.

I find it strange that people will tell me that I have soft touch to the way I draw.  I always wondered why people have such a heavy hand when they draw.  The answer really is to be able to have both at your command and to use line weight to your advantage when it is needed.  And thats worth drawing a couple more geometric solids.

Can you make something that is this benign and make it into a image someone will look at?  Not as easy as it may sound.

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