Drawing at the MET

FMZ.jpgFrank ZimmermanFor our first day of classes we had gone to the MET to see the exabition of Living in Style, Five Centuries of Interior Design from the Collection of Drawing and Prints.  We were given around two hours to do a sketch of one or some of the prints.  This is a rather crude sketch of Architect Frank M. Zimmerman.  The original just below done circa 1900, in  reddish-brown crayon, heightened with white and combined with yellow and white gouache.

Its the very subtle use of the white highlights beginning across the top of the page and down the columns to the reflection of the each of the columns in the floor.  It’s very subtle but it begins with the white highlight under the base of each column.

Zimmerman is an artist whom I am going to have to fallow up on and do more research.

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