Munsell Skin Tones Study


Just finned up taking Sean’s two week workshop on skin tones at ARA~Bos.  I do not claim to know how to paint.  In fact I know less than nothing about painting but I think got a half decent color study done using the Munsell color system that Sean was teaching for the class.

We first made four sets of skin tones, gradated, using four primary colors each. (Lower left hand side). Each row is one set of primaries with white being the fourth in each set. There quite a rage with blues, greens, reds, and yellows. The Top set is the only one with a Black.

The second part was to match three sets of light, medium, and dark skin tones curving around a cylinder. Such as an Arm or leg with a directional light source. (Lower right)

And the Last part of the work shop was to make a posterize master copy using one of the four stings you had originally made. The entire figure was painted using the yellow and red gradient, (Upper right) and a neutral as a grayer. I only added a little green for the grass area but every thing else is between the yellow and red gradient’s.
*The darks in the photo got blown out*

Great class Sean. Though you need a brush 101 class.  I felt as though I was finger painting with the brushes I was using.

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